Monday 18 June 2012

Granicus - More Images

While packing I discovered a CD of snaps of The Granicus taken by Persian co-commander Clive Norman.

(Macedonian Phalanx, rear protected by Thracians)

(Pbs Companions clash with Garrison 20mm Persian cavalry on banks of Bellona stream)

(Pbs Thracians with Garrison 20mm Macedonian commander prepare to test the theory that S Range Assyrians "Don't like it up ,em")

(Mass melees. Companions wade into Persian cavalry and hoplites; Persian cavalry clash with phalangites, Thessalians gallop off the edge of the frame and Cretans lurk menacingly)

 (Manfredates, one of the Persians' more astute commanders).


  1. Looks like one of my kind of commanders. None of our Wolfhounds ever took the slightest interest while the little Iggies are only interested in steal bits to chew on, like Sassinid mercenary javelinmen....

    1. I had a schanuzer like that once. When he fell silent you knew something had fallen off the table...