Monday 25 June 2012

The Anabasis of Longuelade

The Longuelade household is moving quarters this week, a march of about a mile, but one which will doubtless involve many lengthy telephone skirmishes with the likes of BT, npower and TV licensing. Normal service - internet connection permitting - will resume on 4th July.

The above photo features one of Rob's Garrison 20mm Gaulish chieftains alongside a rather nice old Wargames Foundry dog. I should point out that the dog is an old English sheepdog, a breed that did not actual appear until Elizabethan times (when it was called a bobtail, incidentally). The photo therefore presents the sort of glaring historical error that would once have kept the pages of Military Modelling going for months...


  1. Well they wore woolen trousers and cloaks so presumably has sheep but obviously the dogs would have been Ancient British Sheepdogs rather than Old English ones. May have looked much the same though, those English fellows did take over and recycle a lot of Celtic stuff.

  2. Nice models. Do they fit alongside the old plastic Airfix models??
    You sometime refer to your models as 25mm and sometimes as 20mm. Do you mean the the old 25mm like minifigs S range??

  3. Hi Harry

    Enjoying the blog,, are your PB range the same as the current mini fig production, or have they been
    remodeled too


  4. Harry not being around at the moment I'll field these questions:

    Garrison 20mm figures are bigger than Airfix and not really compatible. They are compatible with old plastics like Atlantic. They are the scale creep version of 20mm, same size as Minifigs 25mm 'S' range which were really a renaming of what would earlier have been described as 20mm. Basically, same as happened when 25mm got bigger and bigger until someone started calling them 28mm.

    Re Minifigs, the PB ranges have being revised a couple of times at least. Early PB figures were noted for carrying telegraph poles. These were then remodelled to give slimmer spears and pikes. A later version saw the horses completely remodelled - the new ones hae very wide flanks - and the figures became slightly bulkier. Generally, the newer Minifigs figures still fit in OK with the earlier ones. I have no idea how many revisions there have been to the ranges though - could have been more.