Saturday 23 June 2012

Who he? Ed.

The origin of this rather nice phalangite is a mystery to me. I have some hoplites from the same maker. They are great little figures - about the same height and build as Garrison 20mm. The base has champhered sides, but no code number on it. Any ideas who made him?


  1. I've hade a thought about these. Years ago in the early mid 70s Warrior made an excellent range of Greek and Persian Wars figures. I only saw a few of these - I've got some Medes and Scythians - somewhere... I'm starting to wonder if this is the Macedonian Phalangite from thhat range?

    If so, they've gone and will never return. The masters were all melted down, the moulds are 'stuck together', and when I asked about buying or licencing the range it was 'time to terminate this conversation'.

    1. I think you may be right about this, Rob. The metal has that Warrior "dustiness" to it. The figures are certainly far better than the firm's better known output. But then the same can also be said of some of the early ECW and Sedgemoor figures they once made but now refuse to discuss.