Thursday 14 June 2012

Les Greeks

I like Les Higgins figures so much I bought the company (well part of it anyway - Old John from 20mm Nostalgia Revival, Richard at Vintage20Mil and a few others were involved too). While Higgins' specialism was the English Civil War and Marlburian period he did design a small range of 30mm Ancient figures. An example is the Greek officer on the right above. I think he has one of the best faces I've seen on a small scale figure.

After Higgins died his firm was renamed Phoenix Model Developments. PMD did a small range of 25mm figures. I posted a picture of the Anatolian Guard Spearman earlier. Above is the Greek officer (the shield pattern is copied from Saxtorph). As you can see the 25mm figure and the 30mm figure are more or less the same height - Higgins erred on the smaller side when interpreting scale, the opposite of modern designers who seem to think 28mm means "at least 35mm". Note also that Les' figure actually has a human neck and hands that aren't the size of shovels.


  1. Nice figs, and nice blog too, I didn't know it! Your "vintage figures" are really nice.
    Congrats for the blog, specially "the immortals" and "on the bans of the Jhelum".
    I'll come back.

  2. Henri,
    you have earned the won the title of Honorary Follower of the Followship of the Blog at for being the 50th member / follower.


  3. Beautiful figures, is it still possible to get the ecw and marlburians?

    1. Graham, I'm not sure about the 30mm figures. The 20mm Marlburiand and ECW are available from John Cunningham at the 20mm Nostalgic Revival blog. John also has a host of other quality vintage goodies available. And some figures too.

  4. Thankyou A rare honour in a world that all too often hands us barbed wire when we need lavatory paper.