Sunday 3 June 2012

A Load of Old Gauls

Actually they are Ancient Britons, the full range of Minifigs PBs foot figures, drawn from the first edition of WRG Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome by He Who Must Not Be Named.

L-to-R PB157 (Slinger, looking like he's shielding himself from the paparazi when leaving a nightclub at 4am), 163 (Javelinman), 162 (Infantry, topless)), 158 (Chieftain), 162 (Infantry, in shirt).


  1. Now there are some old friends! Never cared much for the cavalry man in jocky helmet but I still love the other one.

  2. Yes those jockey caps do look a bit foolish (the Italian Punic War cavalry have them too). The other figure with the longhair and dished shield is very good.