Thursday 21 August 2014


Well, for sale actually.

Sadly due to a whole raft of events too boring for Herodotus to have bothered chronicling, I am selling off my armies. Quite a lot of the lads have already shipped out, but several thousand still remain here at HQ - Greeks, Macedonians, Celts, Persians, Indians and Carthaginians.

I'm selling them at 75p for foot, £1.50 cavalry, £8 for chariots/elephants and will offer discounts for bulk purchases.

If you're interested get in touch with me via the blog and I'll send a list.

Thanks for your company over the years. I've enjoyed it.

I'll leave the blog up here for reference and - to end on a positive note - I'm pleased to say that very soon the original vintage wargame figure site, Vintage20Mil should be up and running again thanks to a nice chap in Texas.