Friday 15 June 2012

An Odd Assortment

Part of the role of this blog is to act as a sort of Ancient Auxiliary to The Old Metal Detector's splendid Lone S Ranger venture. The OMD has sworn off ancient figures in an attempt to prevent his house from subsiding under the weight of lead, so they don't often feature in his extensive catalogue of images of early Minifigs.

So here - somwhat randomly - are a couple of S range enemies of the Late Roman Empire, a Sassanid Levy Spearman (AS1s. There was a Levy Archer too but I have never seen one) and a Pict Spearman (APt1s). I believe both figures were later shifted seamlessly into the PBs range and recoded (as PB210s and PB180s), as were some of the other S range ancients, Carthaginians (sans archer), Macedonians, some Romans and the Frank axeman amongst them.

These Byzantine Spearmen also swapped codes - from AB1s to PB150s

And to round things off here are some Late Roman spearmen coded AR6s.

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  1. I sometimes forget that I had a much loved unit of Late Roman auxillia from this range, suitably painted in pastel shades as per Saxtorph.

    But the Pict! Ahh another star of my old minifig catalog. If my officer-cadet pay had been larger and my free time & space at military college more extensive, what a "Barbarian Conspiracy" I might have had. My Airfix barbarians and chariots would have been replaced by Minifig Picts and my handful of Minifig and Garrison Saxons enlarged. I still have my PB Irish, some with javelins, some with small cabers.