Saturday 16 June 2012

40 Fighting Men Against A Nation? Some Minot figures

Like Russell Gammage of Rose, Barry Minot was a designer who concentrated most of his energies on larger figures. He did make a small selection of "true" (i.e small) 30mm figures, however, including some for the Zulu War. The ancient selection focused on Greeks and owes a debt to the sword-and-sandal epics of Dino Di Laurentis and Don Chaffey. Pictured here: Hercules with club and a hoplite who looks ready to fight a phalanx of Ray Harryhausen skeletons. The figures are the same size as Rose.


  1. Thanks for posting the image .I have Hercules somewhere and always wondered what make he was...
    BTW I have a number of 25/30 Greek Gods and Godesses including Mercury flying off at 45 degrees with his robe attaching hin to the base. I wonder if they might be by the same manufacturer/designer?

  2. I remember Minot did a rather nice set (i think billed as a 'diorama set') of 30mm 1806 Prussians that included casualties and a fallen tree... Of course he also did the Spencer Smith Connoisseur figures - which are lovely, albeit there are a few stiff poses. As i understand it he gave up model soldiers to concentrate on props for the film industry, etc.

  3. Minot sculpted quite a large range of fantasy in the late 70s early 80s before going back to film work. I am slowly helping to catalogue his minis on the 'Lost Minis WIKI', a great reference point.

    The Grrek Gods are part of the Olympians Heroes and Horrors range.