Wednesday 6 June 2012

The Dacian Army That Never Was

The Garrison 20mm Sarmatian Spearmen shown above were once the vanguard of yet another army that didn't quite make it - disappearing into the mists of time with the Samurai and the Carolingian Franks....

I bought about 40 of them off Tony "Warwager" Wade in 2003 or thereabouts. Alongside a handful of Minifigs PBs falx-wielding infantry, half-a-dozen Dacian archers and a two large-ish units of Sarmatian cataphracts (one Minifigs PB, one Garrison 20mm) they were supposed to form the backbone of a grand Dacian Army that would fight an S Range Early Imperial Roman army I had. Sadly Dacian recruits were hard to find - this was in the days when Garrison 20mm were still long OOP - and eventually I gave up and sold the EIR army to a bloke who ran a business on Tyneside that sells reproduction militaria to re-enactors and film companies.

After that I decided to confine my Ancient armies to BC only. "From Marathon to Pydna!" I proclaimed boldly. Recently I have refined that sligthly to "From Rameses to Pompey!". And while I hold fast to that latter proclamation these Sarmatians will take up their place in the ranks of the Gauls/Galatians.

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