Friday 11 May 2012

Three Different Ranges

Examples of the three main ranges of figures I use are to be seen here. At the top Garrison 20mm Ionian Hoplites, in the centre Minifigs PBs range Peltasts and in the foreground Minifigs S range Persian lancers. The PB range (minus the s) were remodelled c.1974 becoming bulkier, chunkier and in my view much less appealing. The S range figures went out of production c.1973. The S range Persians shown here were bought from a figure dealer named Tony Wade who traded under the name Warwager. Tony - a dapper, chatty fellow from Ilkley used to turn up at all the shows in Yorkshire and the North-East with boxes full of old school figures ( bought over 600 castings off him at Stockton once - including these Persians - for 15p each). Tony's catchphrase was "I've got a box full of old chariots somewhere. I'll dig it out and bring it to Newcastle/Durham/Sheffield..." sadly he never did and now he seems to have disappeared...


  1. Hello tony wade is my dad he still has many of his figures but doesn't do shows anymore. Please reply to this post and I will give you his contact details. See if he can find them charriots anywhere

  2. Hello Fran. Thanks for getting in touch. I'm pleased to hear your Dad is still around. I must have bought hundreds or probably thousands of figures off him and always enjoyed having a chat about the old designers with him. You can contact me direct at

  3. I finally set up a facebook page its Warwager or search Warwager Otley if you cant find it