Wednesday 30 May 2012

Those Ever Expanding Egyptians

S range heavy Egyptian archers from the John Tuckey haul. These figures - displaying the teenage makeover face paint-style favoured by their Kentish creator (see past posts) - are wearing the crocodile hide armour described in Funcken. I may give them a wash with some darker ink to pick out the scales.

In a previous post I raised the question of what army the Egyptians should be pitted against. The obvious answer is, of course, the Assyrians. I already have a large number of these fellows - both S range and Garrison 20mm - serving with the Persians. I would need to add less than 100 figures to make up a substantial force and  I could deploy the home-made 4-horse chariots. Yes, that would be the sensible thing to do. So why do I keep thinking about Kushites and Philistine ox-chariots?

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  1. One thing I could never work out was how to paint crocodile skin - so mine wear bronze!