Monday 21 May 2012

Slim, tall and rather elegant...

But that's enough about me. Here's one of the Rose New Prestige Greeks. They are a bit taller than the other figures I use and I just have a few as command. I know Ross fields at least one unit of the Rose Ethiopians in his ancient Persian army, and very fine they look too. Rob at Garrison has them for sale.


  1. Looks like a splendid chap to command a Greek contingent in an Egyptian army of the Persian invasion period !

    1. Would be good to see an "Army List" for such a force some time, Nick. I am currently painting S range Egyptians for the forthcoming Apocryphal Well re-fight. All flesh and loin cloths...

  2. I've added some Nubians firing their bows and evil Rob included some samples of other The Mede and Persian types which are just as nice.

    The Mede and Immportal show more evidence of the influence of Saxtorph & Funcken but those are 2 of the 4 books I took to college so who am I to complain? At least they swapped the poses about.

    One might also note that the Rose seem to fit very well with Zvesda.

  3. My ambition last year was to be able to field the complete armies for both listed battles from The Ancient Wargame (using only figures I've cast myself) but kept getting sidetracked. So at the moment I've got 4 chariots and 50 Nubians on the painting table...

    Haven't managed to get round to larger scale painting of the Rose figures, but they do seem to work well with the 20mm Garrison. I use the Rose standard bearer as standard bearer in my Egyptian armies and he fits in nicely. The chariots are ones I 'rescued' from a Rose mould - took a lot of work to get them in order, but work quite well with Garrison 20mm horses and Rose crew. If I wanted 25mm, the chariot yoke I used is a bit small for Garrison 25mm horses, but useable.

    Evil (think I've recently acquired a new nickname) Rob

  4. I shall have to think about it, but in the words of Douglas Adam's 'Deep Thought', I may be some time ...

    Good luck with the Apocryphal Well - this was the first scenario in our (very) intermittant campaign of four scenarios, but you will have seen how I turned it into a race to fill in the Well, or prevent the other side doing so. Either way should be most satisfying. Nick.