Tuesday 15 May 2012

The Magic Mushroom Elephant

One of the plasures of eBay is when you buy some painted figures and they are a bit mad, but in a good way. I got three of these black elephants with vaguely psychedelic patterning a few years back. Looking at them again I see the influence of Australian aboriginal art combined with a bit of 1970s fabric I think my Aunt Bertha had in her caravan at Seaton Carew.


  1. Painting toy soldiers and dropping acid can end up reasonably interesting...

    1. I imagine that in the 1970s there would be people who would react to somebody complaining that WRG 5th edition was boring by saying "Yeah, but you've really only got to play it when you've swallowed mescaline - it's mindblowing, man".

    2. And apparently some used 6th edition as a substitute for Mandrax...