Friday 18 May 2012

The 400

Today I based the last of the ten phalanxes that will form the backbone of two Successor armies. The figures are the Pbs range Macedonian and Successor Phalangites with the exception of the unit central front, which is made up of Garrison 20mm hoplites converted and painted by Ray McGarry. Two of the other units came from a gamer in New Zealand who had ordered them from Southampton in the early 1970s. Having crossed the equator twice that makes them the best travelled figures in my collection...


  1. Splendid fellows indeed.
    By the way do you ever use "modern" castings of old figures by Garrison Miniatures to pad out units?

    1. Thanks. I use Rob's modern castings of the original 20mm Garrison figures extensively - the later 25mm range are a bit big and bulky to fit alongside them (to my mind anyway). I've also used modern Minifigs 25mm chariot bodies with old S Range horses and crews, which work out nicely - I'll post pics of some Celtic ones at some point. I'd imagine the elephants would be OK too.

  2. I guess that means they got further than Alexander. A very impressive collection!


  3. Actually, Harry was my first customer. We'd been swapping figures before I bought Garrison and kept in communication as it happened.

  4. I recall you devotedly driving up to Manchester to go through the moulds Amazon had - and had been promising to cast up for us for years...

  5. Yep.

    Then Paul said that our hassling him had shown him that he couldn't really manage to give the Garrison ranges the attention they needed so he was selling them. He wouldn't sell the 20mm stuff separately so I was forced to buy the lot.