Monday 21 May 2012

Funcken Inspired

Here are a couple of the Phoenix Model Developments Anatolian Guard Spearmen and the Funcken illustration that inpsired the designer. PMD (Les Higgins Miniatures as was) made a small range of 25mm Greeks and Persians. I have a unit of Thracian peltasts and a couple of Greek officers, as well as twenty of these Anatolians (I could do with another eighteen to complete the unit if you've got any spare). The range appeared just as the new, bigger 25s such as Hinchliffe were becoming the rage, and never really caught on. Secondhand finds are rare. Unlike other PMD/Higgins figures they have never been brought back into production and the moulds and masters seem to have disappeared. A pity as they were delicate little figures that fit in pretty well with Garrison 20mm.


  1. Never had my hands on any of the PMD ancients Sold my 20mm Marlburians 20 years ago Only have Les Higgins/PMD Jason ECW and a very few Marlburians but I'll keeo my eyes peeled.

  2. Can't remember, it was a few years ago - did you get them off me?


  3. Entirely possible, Rob, though I seem to think they came from a chap in Scotland I bought - literally - tons of figures off about ten years back. He lived in one of those towns outside Edinburgh (Biggar?) and spent his summer weekends as a Medieval re-enactor. He had lots of cavalry but only a limited number of horses, all of which had blu-tack on the saddle so he could swap the riders.

  4. Well, if they're not from me I've got about 18-20 of them lying around somewhere, but haven't the faintest idea where - if I ever come across them I'll send them. It would probably have been 7-8 years ago if I did send them to you.