Tuesday 29 May 2012

Fire & Death Are Your Gifts To My Bride!

A possible opponent for the Egyptians would be these S range Philistines. The spearman and archer are straight out of Funcken. The Philistine lancer can, I think, trace its origins back to that most impecable of all ancient sources, Cecil B. DeMille. Such cavalry feature in the great Biblical auteur's Samson And Delilah, and set upon Victor Mature only to be smote hip and thigh with the jawbone of an ass, or something. The effect of DeMille can also be seen in Saxtorph - his illustration of the pharoah's chariot is a straight lift from studio stills of the vehicle last seen being buried under the Red Sea in The Ten Commandments.


  1. Figures based on DeMille - that amuses me greatly.

  2. When it comes to Egypt, DeMille wasn't always that far off--I remember watching The Ten Commandments and seeing a character in the background dressed as one of Pharaoh's Sherden guards--probably almost as good as current reconstructions, and most likely working from the same one or two original reliefs or tomb paintings or whatnot.

    1. The Philistines are pretty good too, with great bronze head dresses. And at least DeMille didn't present us with any War Rhinos like some more recent ancient epics

  3. Actually he seemed to take real care over a lot of costumes in terms of the prevailing state of knowledge.