Saturday 26 May 2012

Chariots - Power To Weight Ratio

(Minifig PBs Indian chariot with converted PBs standard bearer and S range Assyrian spearman converted for charioteer duties by Roger Moores of Colchester)

At the Battle of Barca the Persian chariots proved highly effective. On reflection, too effective. In the rules used for that battle chariots were treated as individual units. This gave each model the power of a dozen foot skirmishers. Even allowing for the fact that chariot crews were a highly trained elite that is clearly too much. In future I intend to group 2-horse chariots in units of four and 4-horse chariots in units of two, giving each the same fire power as the individual models in the original rules. Even with this reduction the chariots will still be of high value - they occupy a smaller frontage than light cavalry units, making them easier to maneouvre through gaps in the lines, while higher morale status make them more difficult to destroy.

While chariots used in Asia seem to have been predominantly as mobile fire-platforms - I find it hard not to imagine them riding into battle to the music of Wagner with Robert Duval cackling madly in the lead vehicle while unleashing volleys of fire arrows (though I have drunk three espressos this morning) - in Europe the Celts seem to have adopted a different approach pulling to a halt in front of the enemy and then jumping out to engage in combat. This is altogether harder to simulate and needs some consideration.


  1. harry, I'm really enjoying the posts and especially pics of S Range. I'm getting to appreciate S Range more and more - just painting some ECW figures and they are really good. As you know Ancients aren't my thing - through choice not inclintaion, as I feel I have to have some figures I don't collect - so the battle reports and pictures are perfect vicarious soothing of this particular itch

    1. Thanks. I've been painting S range Egyptians this week and it's been a weirdly uplifting experience. They are very simple, but full of character. I'll hopefully post some pictures later today.