Friday 25 May 2012

Battle at the Barca Oasis

(Minifigs S Carthaginian Cavalry. Trees by Britains, outdoor oven and jars from Monolith)

The two forces laid out upon the table are listed below:

Carthaginian Army

Close Order Units

(40 Figure Units)

Leptis Infantry             

Libyan Infantry                   

Gaul Mercenary Warband A            

Gaul Mercenary Warband B

Other Close Order Units

(Unit size in brackets)                

Black shield Spanish Scutari  (30)     

Red shield Spanish Scutari (30)            

Blue Shield Spanish Scutari (30)

Spartan Hoplites (24)

Light Troops      

(12 figure units)

Spanish caetrati javelins A        

Spanish caetrati B

Balearic slingers A

Balearic slingers B

Cretan Archers

Numidian javelins                                                                                     

Gaul Javelins

Close Order Cavalry



Light Cavalry      

Numidian  A                                   

Numidian  B                                    

8 Elephants and crews                          


Infantry 358

Horse 64

Elephants 8

(Numidian Prince converted from Minifig PBs figure using Milliput. Originally I tried to make the cape using the traditional "metal from an old-fashioned toothpaste tube" method. However, after cutting my thumb a couple of times and squirting Euthymol all over my painting table I gave up)

Persian Army

Close Order Units

(40 Figure Units)

Ectabana Infantry (Persian)                

Indian spearmen (Auxiliary)

Close Order Missile Troops

(20 Figure units)

Persian archers                                                   

Mede archers (yellow)             

Mede archers (blue)        

Indian archers                          

Assyrian Archers A                   

Assyrian Archers B

Assyrian slingers

Egyptian archers

Light Infantry

(12 Figure Units)

Sakae archers A                    

Sakae archers B

Ethiopian archers

Nubian archers  

Persian Javelins                                              

Assyrian javelins

Persian Slingers                       
(S Range Spartan Hoplites. Looks like two of the warriors on the left just bought new shields...)

Close Order Cavalry

Persian  (purple)                         

Persian  (yellow)                                                           


Light Cavalry

Dahae horse archers (grey)  

Sakae horse archers (brown)                      


Arab Medium Camelry            16                

Persian Chariots                       4         

Assyrian Chariots                    4


Infantry 324

Horse 80

Camels 16

Chariots 8

(Gaulish Warband. Garrison 20mm figures painted by Philgreg of Sri Lanka - because my old eyes and shaky fingers just can't be doing with that plaid anymore.)

Battle account to follow shortly...





  1. What, no plasticine and banana oil?

    1. Quite disgraceful I know, Ross. I recall the days of converting Airfix WW1 Germans to Zulu War British by making plasticene sun hats and setting them with my Mum's nail varnish. It's hard to get enamel paint to stick to that I can tell you.