Thursday 1 November 2012

Across The Hush of 24 Centuries...

...As the narrator intones at the start of what I like to think of as the proper 300 Spartans film. Here are some Hinton Hunt versions of the Immortals who featured in that splendid 1962 movie (Which I think was billed as something like "An army five million strong against the invincible flying wedge!"). Left to right we have an archer, officer with axe, a figure that could be the standard bearer (the standard has ben replaced with a wire spear) and an Immortal thrusting with spear. The archer is in much the same stance as the firing musketeers from the ECW range.

Stryker has kindly forwarded me the additional sheets from the 1974 catalogue which detail the "ancient civilizations" range. Intriguingly they promise that there will be lots of additions in the near future. If I can master the technology I'll post them up here at some point.

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