Sunday 11 November 2012

A load of Bullocks

Here is the Minifigs S range Philistine ox chariot with flanking guard of spearmen and archers. The chariot is a pretty fair copy of the one in Funcken. Modern historians incline to the view that the chariot was not used in combat but was merely a transport. What a boring bunch of cardigans they are. My own oxen are made of more martial stuff and will - I hope - trundle into action spitting death at some point in the not too distant future.

For fans of farm livestock here is one of the oxen unencumbered.


  1. They may not move fast but I would not be keen to stand in front of a horde of angry cows regardless of what they are pulling.

    1. Being a dog walker like yourself Ross I can agree with that. Once a heard of bullocks star towards you they take some stopping, especially if they are coming down a slope - perhaps a rule variant there?

    2. Some rulesets categorize chariots as some kind of terror weapon. Might be an interesting idea to let horsemen take some kind of nerve test. On the other hand how would they behave if they encounter slingers??

  2. A superb looking chariot! Nice looking ox too...