Sunday 4 November 2012

Licence to Sling

The PMD Persian slinger. The sling has been removed perhaps because he had been ear-marked to crew the Hinton Hunt Persian chariot. He's in the same garb as the Cardaces spearmen that featured earlier.

I mentioned in the previous post that the designer Steve Farmer worked at Mettoy. Quite a few of the other Les Higgins/PMD designers did too, including Tim Richards (who did a fair few of the Napoleonics) and Higgins himself. I believe Les may have been responsible for the James Bond figure that accompanied the original Corgi 007 Aston Martin.


  1. Nice model with a good potential as light spearme or as you mentioned crew for a chariot.
    Some stiffened sewing cord as a whip for example.

  2. No no no its the HH Persian chariot driver

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