Friday 2 November 2012

Chariot of Deserts

Here is a Hinton Hunt Persian chariot. Unfortunately there are no horses or crew to go with it. Many moons ago I did have some Hinton charioteers that I got from Pete Bateman of BB Wargames. They were Assyrians and Celts, though. They didn't have bases, but did have plugs on the soles of their feet, suggesting that you could fix them into holes in the chariot. It's interesting - well, to me at least - that Hinton was still designing wargame figures long after his ranges had fallen out of fashion with mainstream gamers. It suggests that then, as now, there was a high-class body of elegant and cultured wargamers who refused to be drawn into the vulgar commercial world of scale-creep and bucket-handed trolls.


  1. Hi Harry - It's interesting to me too (but then we probably share the same taste in anoraks). I know very little about the HH ancient ranges so it's been fascinating to read your last few posts. I have in my Napoleonic collection a horse that has been converted from APH/1 (the Persian chariot horse) take a look