Thursday 1 November 2012

Hinton Hunt Ancient Listing

The following list combines the sheets that came with the Hinton Hunt catalogue c.1974/5 with the odd addition of figures I own or have seen.

Greek Hoplites AG 7 Officer in cape waving sword
AG 10 Hoplite thrusting with sword
AG 11 Hoplite thrusting with spear
AG 13 Hoplite with spear, marching
AG 15 Hoplite standing with spear

Persians AP 1 Immortal Officer with axe
AP 2 Immortal Standard Bearer
AP 3 Immortal firing bow
AP 4 Immortal thrusting with spear
AP 5 Immortal marching with spear

Persian Royal Guard of Archers AP 6 Officer with axe
AP 7 Standard bearer
AP 8 Guardsman firing bow
AP 9 Guardsman thrusting with spear
AP 10 Guardsman with spear marching

Medes AP 11 Officer with axe
AP 12 Standard bearer
AP 13 Mede firing bow
AP 14 Mede thrusting with spear
AP 15 Mede marching with spear

Persian Chariots AP 20 Chariot driver
AP 21 Chariot bowman
AP 22 Persian 2 horse chariot
AP 23 Persian chariot horse

Persian Cavalry AP 30 Horse archer firing bow (horse Aph3)
AP 31 Mounted spearman (horse Aph3)
AP ?? Mounted Royal Guard spearman (?) - See picture below.

Persian Command AP 40 Great King Darius on his portable throne
AP 41 Attendant with royal umbrella

Republican Romans
AR 1 Centurion charging
AR 2 Aquilifer with eagle
AR 3 Signifer with standard
AR4 Horn player
AR 5 Legionary thrusting with sword
AR 6 Legionary throwing pilum
AR 7 Centurion marching
AR 8 Legionary marching

Imperial Romans
AR 11 Centurion charging
AR 15 Imperial Roman thrusting with sword
AR 16 Imperial Roman Legionary throwing pilum
AR 17 Centurion marching
AR 18 Legionary marching

AR 34 Auxiliary slinger
AR 35 Asian archer

AR/41 Cavalryman armed with spear (Horse ARH1)

Praetorian Guard AR 25 Thrusting with sword
AR 26 Throwing pilum
AR 27 Marching

Roman Command AR 51 General Standing with baton
AR 52 Mounted general (horse Apnh1)

AC 1 Chieftain in winged helmet
AC 4 Helmeted warrior waving sword
AC 5 Helmeted warrior stabbing with spear
AC7 Warrior in crested helmet and cuirass waving sword.
AC 10 Chariot
AC 23 Charioteer with whip
AC 24 Chariot spearman
ACH 1 Celtic chariot horse

Ancient Parthia
APN 1 Armoured Cataphract (Horse APNH1)
APN 2 Horse Archer (Horse APNH2)

The following figures do not have bases. They do, however have plugs on the feet. They may be charioteers, or prototypes, or pirates.

AR ? Roman officer, standing
AC ? Warrior, horned helmet, naked, standing
AC ? Warrior, winged helmet, kilt, standing

AP ? Persian slinger ?
AP ? Assyrian, chainmail, plain conical helmet, standing
AP ? Assyrian, unarmoured, crested helmet, standing



  1. Thanks for sharing the list. It is always helpful to see what was available once. Sadly many are nearly unavailable today.

  2. Hi Harry,

    as Markus said a dream for a nostalgic collector, but in Germany very hard to get. But I have a huge unit of Persian guards which I got from a friend years ago.


  3. Thanks Markus and Uwe. It is sad these excellent old figures have disappeared. I guess you know the story. The man who bought the compnay from David Clayton in the US got in touch with Vintage20Mil. He is a Canadian and said that he would have the company up and running again in three years. That was five years ago. Nothing has been heard of him since and emails about the progress of the project have gone unanswered.

  4. Yes I know the story...Very sad thing. I would really like to see these chaps back on the wargames tables.

    1. I think we will all say "amen" to that, Markus. Unfortunately it seems unlikely. I believe most of the master figures were missing and the moulds burned out. However, as the revival of Garrison 20mm and Les Higgins 20mm shows - if the range gets an owner with sufficent dedication and enthusiasm then anything is possible. Hats off to Rob and John for that, and let's hope that one day the Hinton's fall into similar hands.

  5. Trouble is, we're getting older. I'm 60 now, and will probably stop Garrison in 1 or 2 years.