Wednesday 31 October 2012

A Happy Medean

Actually he's probably more of a perky Persepolian.

When we were compiling the Hinton Hunt Ancients listings for Vintage20Mil we had a bit of a problem as we didn't actually have any printed material on the figures from either a catalogue or from our regular sources of Wargamers Newsletter or Military Modelling.

In the former case we wouldn't have expected any - Marcus Hinton had fallen out with Don Featherstone years before in a dispute about figure piracy in which Hinton (along with Edward Suren) made various allegations about The Don's wargaming buddy and Minifigs owner Neville Dickinson.

Whatever, we eventually managed to cobble together a listing based on various odds and ends of figures we had and the catalogue that had appeared on erstwhile Hinton Hunt owner David Clayton's website in the US.  The Persian section has several different categories of troops including both Persian Immortals and Persian "Royal Guards". I think the little fellow above might be one of the latter fellows.


  1. Hi Harry - nice to see some HH ancients as I've never seen any in the flesh (so to speak). I placed my last order with Hinton Hunt in 1974 and my catalogue (which I still have) had 3 "additions" sheets that list the Romans, Celts, Greeks, Persians and Ancient Parthians so at least some of the range must date from that year or slightly before.


    1. Hi Ian,
      I must have ordered from him around 1975 but I didn't get those sheets - though why should that surprise me? - which is why I assumed they were from later in the decade. Any chance of getting a scan of them?

  2. Nice Figure with a lot of repainting potential. It is great to se models that can be used for quite a lot of different armies.

  3. He's the charioteer! Hence not on a square HH base