Friday 16 November 2012

Minifigs S Range Ancient Listing

(Two versions of AGr7s Greek Peltast (Medium Infantry) Charging. Original version on the right. Slimmer remodel on the left)

Ancient Period Infantry
AA 1s Assyrian Officer
AA 2s Assyrian Standard Bearer
AA 4s Assyrian Heavy Archer Firing Bow
AA 6s Assyrian Heavy Slinger
AA 7s Assyrian Light Spearman with Shield Advancing
AA 12s Assyrian Heavy Spearman Charging
AA 13s Assyrian charioteer
AA 15s Assyrian Medium Archer
AA 16s Assyrian Javelinman
AA 17s Assyrian Wicker Shield

AP 1s Persian Officer
AP 2s Persian Standard Bearer
AP 3s Persian Immortal
AP 6s Persian Light Archer
AP 7s Persian Medium Spearman
AP 10s Mede Spearman
AP 11s Mede Archer

(L-R Later remodel of AR4s and earlier version of AR5s. I'm not really sure why the former is characterised as "Late Roman")

AR 1s Roman Tribune
AR 2s Roman Centurian
AR 3s Roman Eaglebearer
AR 4s Late Roman Infantryman Throwing Pila
AR 5s Roman Legionary Advancing
AR 6s Late Roman Infantryman with Spear Advancing
AR 7s Roman Auxillary Javelinman
AR 8s Roman Auxillary Archer Firing
AR 9s Roman Auxillary Slinger
AR 10s Late Roman Praetorium Spearman Advancing
AR 11s Praetorium, Sword and Cloak
AR 12s Late Roman Auxillary Slinger
AR 13s Late Roman Auxillary Archer
AR 14s Palatine Auxillary Spearman
AR 15s Roman Musican (Large Horn)
AR 20s Roman Artilleryman pulling Lever
AR 21s Roman Artilleryman holding Bolt

(L-R Later version of AR7s and earlier version of AR9s)

AM 1s Macedonian Officer
AM 2s Macedonian Spearman Advancing
AM 3s Macedonian Standard Bearer
AM 4s Macedonian Archer Firing

AE 1s Egyptian Noble Firing Bow
AE 2s Egyptian Standard Bearer
AE 3s Egyptian Medium Spearman
AE 4s Egyptian Light Spearman
AE 5s Egyptian Light Archer
AE 6s Egyptian charioteer
AE 7s Egyptian Medium Archer
AE 8s Egyptian Guard Spearman
AE 9s Egyptian Light Slinger
AE 10s Sudanese Archer

(AGr4s with characteristic thick pike. Quite how he is "receiving cavalry" is hard to fathom, unless Pegasus is involved)

AG 1s Gaul Heavy Spearman Advancing
AG 2s Standard Bearer
AG 9s Celtic spearman
AG 10s Hun Archer
AG 11s Gaul heavy Spearman
AG 12s Gaul Axeman
AG 13s Gaul Spearman. (Ancient Briton)

APh 1s Philistine Spearman
APh 2s Philistine Archer
APh 3s Philistine Officer

AC 1s Carthaginian Spearman
AC 2s Carthaginian Archer
AC 3s Carthaginian Officer

APt 1s Pict Spearman Advancing
APt 2s Pict Archer Kneeling Firing

AGr 1s Greek Officer
AGr 2s Greek Standard Bearer
AGr 4s Greek Phalanx Spearman Receiving Cavalry
AGr 5s Greek Light Archer Firing Bow
AGr 6s Macedonian Phalangite
AGr 7s Greek Peltast (Medium Infantry) Charging
AGr 8s Spartan Hoplite Spearman
AGr 9s Greek Slinger with Shield

(L-R AR14s and AB1s)

AS 1s Sassanid Levy Spearman
AS 2s Sassanid Levy Archer.

AB 1s Byzantine Heavy Spearman
AB 2s Byzantine Dragoon Standard Bearer
AB 3s Byzantine Officer
AB 5s Byzantine Light Archer
AB 6s Byzantine Javelinman
AB 7s Byzantine archer

AF 1s Frank Axeman Advancing

AV 1s Viking Swordsman Advancing

(L-R Earlier and later versions of AR13s)

Ancient Period Cavalry APac 1s Parthian horse archer

APhC 1s Philistine Lancer
APhC 2s Philistine Ox Chariot

APlc 1s Palmyran light cavalry

AEC 1s Egyptian Mounted Archer
AEC 2s Egyptian Chariot

AMdC 1s Macedonian Cavalryman

ARC 1s Roman Cavalryman
ARC 2s Late Roman heavy cavalry
ARC 3s Late Roman light cavalry

ABC 1s Byzantine Heavy Cavalryman. with Kontos
ABC 2s Byzantine Light Cavalryman (Bow) or Hun

APC 1s Persian Lancer
APC 2s Persian Horse Archer
APC 3s Persian Chariot



AAC 1s Assyrian Lancer
AAC 2s Assyrian Horse Archer
AAC 3s Assyrian Cataphract
AAC 4s Assyrian Chariot

AGC 1s Gaul Lancer
AGC 2s Gaul Javelinman
AGC 3s Gaul or Hun Horse Archer
AGC 4s Gallic Chariot

AGrC 1s Greek Cavalryman

AMC 1s Macedonian cavalryman

SMC 1s Sassanid Cataphract with Kontos
SMC 2s Sarmatian Cataphract
SMC 3s Cataphract
SMC 4s Persian Cataphract

APtC 1s Pict Lancer

Ancient Period Horses ACH 1s HalfArmoured Cavalry Horse
ACH 2s Fully Armoured Cataphract Horse
ACH 3s Ancient Briton Chariot Horse
ACH 4s Egyptian Chariot Horse
ACH 5s Ancient Cavalry Horse Trotting
ACH 6s Ancient Cavalry Horse Cantering
ACH 7s Ancient Cavalry Horse Galloping
ACH 8s Half Armoured Cataphract Horse for Sassanid
ACH 9s Chariot horse
Camels Camel 1s Dromedary Trotting
Camel 2s Bactrian Trotting
Camel 3s Armoured Dromedary
Elephants Elephant 1s Armoured Elephant with Howdah
Elephant 2s Indian Elephant


(Return of the LSD Elephant or Elephant 2s as the catalogue styled it)


  1. Never knew there was a Philistine officer produced - new one on me. One of the Greek peltasts was sent to me as an Egyptian.

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  4. Thanks gentlemen. Much appreciated.

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