Thursday 17 January 2013

The Quivers of Anita Ekberg*

I'm not quite sure how it's happened but I seem to have ended up with dozens of Minifigs Pb range Palmyran archers. I have a feeling I may use them as late Roman auxiliaries, probably to take on a ravening horde of Picts and blue Hurons in some sort of 4th Century Northumbrian skirmish-ish scenario.

These javelin men are the PB125 Roman Light Infantry of the later 2nd, 3rd and early 4th centuries. They are Palmyran in style.

A Palmyran archer converted into a standard bearer.

I've got a few Palmyran cataphracts somewhere too, though sadly the Palmyran camelman figure has thus far eluded my clutches. I wonder if any wargamers ever actually deployed a Palmyran Army? A game against Mark Antony's forces would be colourful.

*Anita Ekberg was cast as Queen Zenobia of Palmyra in late fifties Italian epic Nel Segno Di Roma.


  1. I believe that Palmyrans were quite popular at one point, judging from Slingshot - and Phil Barker's comments in the 'Purple Primer' Airfix guide. I have even palyed some games with a friend's 5mm Palmyrans and Romans of the Marcus Aurelius era.

    All the bast, Nick

  2. Nice looking units and conversions!

  3. I used Palmyrans in my first ever DBM competition in 1993 (which may possibly have been the first DBM competitions ever). But they were borrowed from my dad.

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    I have even palyed some games with a friend's 5mm Palmyrans and Romans of the Marcus.

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