Thursday 3 January 2013

JonBee 20mm Listing

I'd meant to put this up before Chistmas but the cached document (if that's a computer term - I may just have made it up) to Vintage20Mil had briefly disappeared. Anyway, it's back now so here is the JonBee listing as best we were able to assemble it.

Looking down the list I'd have to guess that the Greek-looking officer type I posted a picture of earlier is actually the Macedonian heavy swordsman.

These little chaps are from the Greek range, clearly, but whether they are Greek Officer throwing Spear or Spartan throwing spear is another matter. I'm favouring the former, if only because the Garrison 20mm Spartans had a different style of helmet.

Assyrians AA 1 Noble, full mail, firing bow
AA 2 Standard bearer
AA 3 Light infantry throwing spear
AA 4 Heavy archer firing bow
AA 5 Light archer firing bow
AA 6 Heavy slinger
AA 7 Light spearman
AA 8 Light archer
AA 9 Light swordsman
AA 10 Standard bodyguard swordsman
AA 11 Standard bodyguard clubman
AA 13 Assyrian charioteer
AAC 1 Mounted spearman, armoured
AAC 2 Mounted archer

Persians AP 1 Officer on guard with sword
AP 2 Standard bearer
AP 3 Immortal with spear
AP 4 Light infantry standing with spear
AP 5 Light infantry charging with spear
AP 6 Light archer firing bow
APC 1 Mounted spearman
APC 3 Camel archer with shield

Romans AR 1 Tribune advancing with sword
AR 2 Centurion with sword
AR 3 Eagle bearer advancing
AR 4 Legionary advancing with spear
AR 5 Legionary standing with spear
AR 6 Legionary charging with spear
AR 7 Light infantry with javelin
AR 8 Archer firing bow
AR 9 Light infantry slinger
AR 10 Praetorian guard spearman
AR 11 Praetorian guard swordsman
AR 12 Light infantry swordsman
AR 13 Roman spearman, throwing
AR 14 Roman auxiliary
ARC 1 Mounted spearman

Egyptians AE 1 Pharaoh firing bow
AE 2 Standard bearer
AE 3 Heavy infantry charging
AE 4 Light infantry charging
AE 5 Light archer firing
AE 6 Charioteer
Egyptian Chariot (For use with Airfix horses)

(Macedonian heavy swordsman with a PB range Persian standard bearer in for scale. As you can see the JonBee figures are pretty small. The Greek hoplites in the first photo could easily pass for modern 15mm figures)

Gauls AG 1 Chief charging
AG 2 Standard bearer
AG 3 Heavy infantry with sword advancing
AG 4 Light infantry with sword
AG 5 Light swordsman
AG 6 Archer
AG 7 Swordsman with winged helmet
AG 8 Spearman with winged helmet
AG 9 Spearman
AGC 1 Mounted spearman with shield
AGC 2 Mounted javelinman

Greeks AGr 1 Officer throwing spear
AGr 2 Hoplite advancing with spear
AGr 3 Hoplite charging with spear
AGr 4 Phalanx hoplite with long spear
AGr 5 Light archer firing bow
AGr 6 Macedonian phalangite
AGr 7 Peltast
AGr 8 Spartan hoplite throwing spear
AGr 9 Slinger with shield
AGrC 1 Mounted spearman with shield

Macedonians AM 1 Standard bearer
AM 2 Heavy spearman advancing
AM 3 Heavy swordsman
AMC 3 Cataphract

Normans N 1 Norman advancing with spear
N 2 Norman heavy archer
N 3 Norman light archer
N 4 Dismounted knight with sword
N 5 Dismounted knight with spear
NC 1 Norman Knight with spear and shield

Anglo-Saxons A 1 Anglo-Saxon axeman, fyrd
A 2 Anglo-Saxon spearman, fyrd
A 3 Anglo-Saxon swordsman, fyrd
A 1 Standard bearer

Byzantines AB 1 Officer with mace
AB 2 Standard bearer
AB 3 Heavy spearman
AB 4 Heavy swordsman
AB 5 Heavy archer firing bow
AB 6 Heavy archer, helmeted
AB 7 Javelinman
ABC 1 Heavy cavalry
ABC 2 Light mounted archer

A further 11 cavalry figures were added including Huns, Goths and Mongols unfortunately we have not yet been able to find further details.

For it's time - c.1966 - this would easily have been the most comprehensive range of ancient figures available (if you ignore the German flats used by Tony Bath and others, that is), In fact even by modern standards it is pretty comprehensive.


  1. Time to reassess that tin of figures I got off you a couple of years back? It included some Mongol type cavalry, same size as Garrison 20mm. Quite a few of the other figures are matching some of the ones you are posting now.

    Oh, Happy New Year!


    1. Happy New Year to you too, Rob. If you wanted to you could send me a few of the figures to snap for this blog - I think there were a lot of Byzantines.

  2. Quicker and easier to send photos - email sent with attachments. Do you want photos of the Byzantines as well as the Mongols?

  3. Thanks, Rob. Yes that would be excellent. I suspect there may be an Assyrian in there too...

  4. Happy New Year...
    and many thanks for collecting the list.
    For me this range was nearly unknown. The spearmen looks really dashing. When compared to most more "static" figures like most of the figures from that age it is really looking great.
    Sadly they are nearly unavailable here in Germany as here is the land of plastics. And vintage metal soldiers not well known.

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