Friday 4 January 2013


Big thanks to Rob for sending over these photographs of some of the JonBee Byzantine range. I gave Rob a big tin of these years ago and though my memory is nowadays as fuzzy as my eyesight my feeling is they look better in photographs than in real life. As you will see the archer is very similar to the Greek slinger, while the spear and swordsman share common (Airfix) ancestry.


  1. Is that lancer based on Maid Marian?

  2. Could be. I think there are some others here too:

  3. No. If you look on the Plastic Soldier Review the horse is a completely different pose.

    The photos do look better than the figures which have a lot of flash, are poorly cast and very fragile weapons. The cavalry are best, and in fact painting the Mongols as a DBA army is on my 'list'.


    1. I think its a conversion from the mounted figures from the Sheriff of Nottingham set.

  4. Horse would be right for that.

  5. Thanks for sharing the pics.
    Is this the complete Byzantine Range???

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