Thursday 21 August 2014


Well, for sale actually.

Sadly due to a whole raft of events too boring for Herodotus to have bothered chronicling, I am selling off my armies. Quite a lot of the lads have already shipped out, but several thousand still remain here at HQ - Greeks, Macedonians, Celts, Persians, Indians and Carthaginians.

I'm selling them at 75p for foot, £1.50 cavalry, £8 for chariots/elephants and will offer discounts for bulk purchases.

If you're interested get in touch with me via the blog and I'll send a list.

Thanks for your company over the years. I've enjoyed it.

I'll leave the blog up here for reference and - to end on a positive note - I'm pleased to say that very soon the original vintage wargame figure site, Vintage20Mil should be up and running again thanks to a nice chap in Texas.



  1. I will be sorry to 'lose' you. I'd be interested in acquiring some of your figures though - especially the Indians.

  2. Thanks Tim. Drop me a line at and I'll send you a list.

  3. Hi Harry,

    I am sorry to hear that I can't enjoy any good photos from your blog. But great to hear that the Vintage 20Mil side will be active soon again. Through this homepage I learned a lot about figure-producers of the past.

    All the best

  4. The world seems somehow diminished as hope of a revival and new life for this blog fades.
    All the best, Ross

  5. A bit sad but life does change and go on and I hope we may hear more about the flats in time.

    A word of warning though, you have changed back to vintage 20mm then to flats, I should try and halt there or you will soon find yourself throwing clods of earth at bits of stick.

    best wishes

  6. Thanks gentlemen, And have no fear, John. There is a potter just across the road who uses a traditional wood-fired kiln, I have already made discreet inquiries about a terracotta army. All best wishes to you all. Harry

  7. I too hope we hear in time about the flats in time.

  8. I have been concerned for several months when you stopped your posts on the blog, coupled with some of your figures going on E Bay, I realised that you were obviously not in a good place.
    Although we have actually only met once,[ and no I am not a stalker] I really think it would be a great loss to wargaming if you packed in. I must admit that I contemplated this only a few weeks ago, but managed to pull myself back from the precipice. I rank your book Achtung Schweinhund as a modern wargames classic, and sadly take this with me when I work away just to gee myself up.
    Anyway best of luck with whatever problems you are currently experiencing and hopefully you will be seen sneaking into some North Eastern wargames show in the very near future.
    Thanks, Robbie, Independentwargamesgroup.

  9. I chanced to read your blog post today and was sad to read that you’re packing it in.

    I’ve greatly enjoyed your blog and the rules you’ve written are firm favourites of mine.

    Thanks for what you've done and as John says, I do hope to hear more of your adventures with your flats.

    Greg Horne

  10. Very sorry to hear this. I missed your posts when they stopped a while back. Like many others, I love 'Achtung Schweinehund', which is one of the very few books that makes me laugh out loud. In fact, one of only two - the other being Three Men in a Boat; so you're in good company there! All the very best.

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    the other being Three Men in a Boat; so you're in good company there.

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