Monday 7 January 2013

Making Plans

Inevitably in January thoughts turn to wargame projects yet to come (best not to think of wargame projects that were once to come, but somehow never did, or we shall be here all week - the other day I found a list of Minifigs Carolingians I must have made 25 years ago and never got round to ordering). One of my regular opponents is leaving Northumberland in August and so I feel our long promised restaging of the Hydaspes must be done before he leaves (after all as far as my little Macedonians are concerned Stephen is Alexander). That means finally knuckling down and painting the Indians. After that I am casting around for something new. Presently I lean towards late Romans in the style of one of the fellows above, probably 5th Century. Battling them...Sassanids I think, since I already have lots of armoured Persian cavalry that can serve and a mighty herd of elephants. The Sassanids are, I suspect, more interesting than the Goths or Vandals, and require less tattooing than the Picts. Others may have better ideas and I am always willing to be swayed....


  1. At the very least Sassinids are probably better to bump into than Goths after the bottle has been passed around. Not to mention that they also fought the Indians.

  2. It is good to hear that you will be getting to the Hydaspes, Harry. I look forward eventually to photos with hordes of elephants, chariots, and archers … oh, and perhaps some of those Macedonian devils as well.

    I too am painting old Minifigs Indians, with the hope that they might be ready to serve in April … . The current four four-horse chariots seem to be taking a lot of painting, however !

    Best of luck,

    1. Ah yes, I need some 4-horse chariots. I think I will get the Minifigs 25mm bodies from Dave Ryan at Caliver and use the vintage horses. What ratio of 4-horse to 2-horse to elephants are you using?

  3. Sorry for not replying sooner Harry ... about equal proportions of Chariots to elephants, but I am not differentiating between the types of chariots, as we have no figures for historical proportions (IIRC), or for the differences in effectiveness etc - which leaves me free to vary the models depending on what I have obtained - one unit of Lamming 4-horse jobs, one of Minifigs 2-horse vehicles, and now one that, thanks to eBay, has changed from the planned 2-horse chariots to 4-horse ones.

    All the best,

  4. Talking about Indians, what seems to be a Minifigs Indian army on EBay now:


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    I have obtained - one unit of Lamming 4-horse jobs, one of Minifigs 2-horse vehicles, and now one that, thanks to eBay.

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