Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Where is all you angels

Now the figureheads have fell?

You're probably wondering what the splendid, if semi-literate lyrics of New Romantic yacht-sailing fops Duran Duran and a load of S Range Woodland Indians have to do with Ancient Wargaming.  The rather eliptical answer is to be found in the film The Eagle (which I watched again last night - and damned wonderful it is too, from the scythed chariot of the wild-eyed druid to English actor Mark Strong's excellent decsion to affect a New York accent to play a Celtic Roman legionary).

The film's star turns are the "Warriors of  The Seal People". These blue-faced, fur clad, Mohican sporting, tooth-necklaced bedecked young chaps always put me in mind of the Wild Boys from the Duran Duran video (Though the chief looks more like a drug-addled escapee from Trainspotting)

Leaving aside the Vivienne Westwood/ Irvine Welsh touches, the other thing that is plain to see is that The Seal People owe quite a debt to the Iroquois and other North American Woodland Indians. The figures above might easily be converted into Seal People. And don't think I'm not tempted.


  1. I haven't seen the movie - though I rather like Mark Strong. Could the Mohican celts be a tip of the hat to RE Howard's Picts? They were American Indians by another name.

    1. The Eagle is topclass - even Jamie Bell manages not to be too irritating. I'm not sure about the influence of Ron E Howard. I haven't read the original Eagle of the 9th since I was ten - It could be the Seal People feature in it and are described as looking like they do in the film - ie like a Glaswegian remake of Mad Max 3: Beyond the Thunderdome. Whatever, they are jolly scary.

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  2. Semi-literate is being kind to DD.... BTW, did you get my email, not sure if i have your current address...?

    1. Smell like I sound I'm lost in the crowd and I'm hungry like the wolf...Pure poetry. Yes got the email thanks indeed. Have replied.

  3. Going to have to check this out. Had't realized it was based on the Eagle of the 9th.

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    Folks, it's time to wrap up the blog for the night. I'll be back in a few hours to launch a new Politics live blog, bringing you.

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    It could be the Seal People feature in it and are described as looking like they do in the film.

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