Tuesday 30 October 2012

By The Time I Get To Phoenix

I've previously featured pictures of a couple of the old Phoenix Model Developments ancient range - the Greek officer and the Anatolian Guard Spearman (the latter had stepped straight off the pages of Funcken). Here are a few photos of the Infantry of the Cardaces.

PMD was the name of the company that began life as Les Higgins Miniatures. The rebranding occurred after Higgins died. Most of the later ranges were designed by either Tim Richards - who also did a lot of the Phoenix Follies 54mm stuff - and Higgins' business partner Brian Marlow. However the ancient range was designed by somebody else - Marlow couldn't recall hs name and Tim Richards was similarly vague, venturing that "He lived in Norfolk". Whoever the designer was they are nice figures if a little prone to a certain Hincliffe-esque gibbon-arm.


  1. Being something of a Higgins fan myself- and by implication PMD I never realised they did any numbers of Ancients- I rememeber a few Hoplites in the Jason range and- apparently PMD did some 40mm Romans and Celts- I've been offered some but not really my thing- so there were more Higgins/PMD ancients about than I realised.

    1. I think I posted a photo of one of the 30mm PMD/Higgins hoplites a little while ago. They are nice figures and pretty much the same size as Minifigs S range. The Ancents were sold as 25mm, but are the same height and build as Hinton Hunt. The range was not very big - about ten infantry and a few cavalry. I have some Greek slingers somewhere and a unit of the Thracian peltasts that I'll photograph at some point.

  2. its the HH charioteer converted!