Tuesday 30 October 2012

Hintons Hunted

When you have been collecting old figures for as long as I have you get a tad jaded. A certain ennui sets in. Though you still like the toy soldiers that arrive at your door, the thrill of younger days has faded. These days the sight of me opening a parcel and then chuckling with childish glee as I survey the contents are rare indeed. It happened today though, as I pulled back the bubble wrap on a collection of Persians that contained not only examples of what I think may be the entire Hinton Hunt range, but also what looks like a selection of Phoenix Model Development figures as well. I'll be posting photographs over the next few days. In the meanwhile here are a couple of horse archers to keep you going. I'm off to clap my hands together and chortle a bit more.


  1. Harry,
    They are very fine figures,but I dont think ennui should be setting in just yet.
    Like all addicts,your only as good as your last score.So keep building the collection.
    Well done, Robbie.

    1. Yes, and like all addicts you have to keep increasing the dose to get the same buzz....

  2. Superb! You are lucky indeed...