Friday 5 October 2012

In Off The Post (3)

A torn muscle in my shoulder prevents any painting at the moment. Luckily it doesn't stop me clicking the "Buy It Now" button on eBay. I got these from Keep Wargaming (amazing to think the Bailey's are still on the go - it seems like thirty years since I first started buying from them, probably because it is...). The rules look very fine indeed and not only include gladiator counters and an arena but also instructions on how to convert Britains Redskins into Samnites. Super.


  1. Good Stuff! I am more into Biblical Ancients these days however I pray your shoulder gets better!

  2. You are clearly a bad influence on me Mr Pearson ! Just when I should be finishing off a unit of Minifigs old PB Indian cavalry for a game on Saturday, I find myself dusting off the old Paragon rules, and wondering whether the counters or unpainted Garrison figures will be least offensive to the eye for some evening games after the SELWG show on Sunday.

    I need to read through them, as they have both basic and advanced rules, and I am pretty sure that, as schoolboys, we followed Hugh Walter’s comment about using only some of the advanced rules with the basic rules (not sure if that is mentioned in the rules themselves, or somewhere in Military Modelling). Now to find out exactly what that means …

    Best wishes,