Friday 7 September 2012

Eagle In The Snow

(Roman bolt-throwers with Minifig PB and Garrison 20mm crews)

A while back I said I had no Imperial Romans. I was lying. About a year ago, inspired by boredom, I won half-a-dozen lots of painted Garrison 20mm figures on eBay. I then put them in a box - right next to the Eval Kneval friction bike - and pretended I hadn't just spent a hundred quid on something I didn't really want and had no use for.

Happily the impending arrival of Old John and Richard from Vintage20Mil combined with the inadequate playing space afforded by my new abode caused me to get them out again. We will be fighting a couple of battles with them over the weekend. Before that here are some pictures of the Romans on patrol in snowy Northumberland.

(Garrison 20mm Roman auxiliary cavalry with a converted standard bearer. The figures - bought of eBay - bear all the hallmarks of the true Old School wargamer including blobs of solder on the fists and beermat bases)

 (Garrison 20mm Legion. These must have been some of the first figures John Braithwaite made for the range - they are much smaller than the later Persians and Greeks - more akin to Airfix HO/OO. They feature heavily in Charles Grant's games, often in opposition to hordes of plastic Britons commanded by Andra the Beserker)