Monday 10 September 2012

A Crossword Clue...

...In a recent Daily Telegraph was "Pair of card games that go from bank to bank". Here are some Garrison 20mm Romans crossing the answer*.

As mentioned in the last post, these figures were some of the earliest John Braithwaite designs, following on from the 20mm JonBee range he did for Minifigs c.1966/7. Those figures - which are very hard to find - were largely based on conversions of the Airfix Sheriff of Nottingham/Robin Hood sets (Braithwaite wasn't the only figure designer to use Airfix as the basis for his creations - Les Higgins used Airfix ACW Confederates for a few of his ECW). Some of the Garrison 20mm Romans also began life in Sherwood Forest. These Roman auxiliaries, for example.

* Pontoon Bridge, giddy up, now.

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