Thursday 12 July 2012

The Thunder of 6000 Sandals...

The forces of Assyria and Egypt have now assembled on the battlefield and await the arrival of the dawn (well, the 9.02 bus, anyhow) for their orders.

Thanks to Stephen for the snaps.

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  1. Excellent to see the S range figures waiting, like greyhounds in the slips, for the off – there are some very attractive figures amongst the Egyptians (for whom I have considerable nostalgia, having bought a few as a schoolboy) and especially the Assyrians.

    I have only just realised (please tell Stephen that I have ‘done my homework’, as instructed !) that Charles Grant’s use of the Egyptian archers as several units of skirmishers may well have been a deliberate choice to represent the composition of a smallish advance guard (like leaving out Assyrian chariots).

    Best of luck to both sides, Nick