Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Missing Piece In The PMD Jigsaw

Props (as I believe young folk say) to Paul from Oz for sending me these PMD hoplites, the only figures from the range I didn't have. As you can see they display the same slightly fey Up Pompeii* styling of the other Greek figures from PMD. I'm not quite sure why they are cocking their hips in quite such a manner though that and the position of the right arm suggests they maybe about to enter a Disco Inferno. Hmm come to think of it The Hot Gates does sound like a New York club c.1975. 

*A 1970s BBC TV comedy series starring camp comedian Frankie Howerd and based on A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum only without the songs.


  1. Maybe they're meant to be Thebans.....

    (And i'm sure 'The Hot Gates' is a euphemism in certain circles.....)

  2. "Props" = "Propers" = the proper respect, and likely pre-dates the figures ;) Consider Aretha Franklin " . . . give me my propers, when you get home . . ."

    The figs seem rather fresco-ish, like they just stepped off a wall. Nice look.

  3. Thanks FMB that's the best bit of wargame-related Soul trivia I've received since the email from Rev Al Green about Thracian shield designs.