Saturday, 7 July 2012

See yonder! The dust clouds of an approaching army!

Not long now to the long promised refight of Grant's Apocryphal Well scenario. Due to the difference in unit sizes I have had to tinker about a bit with the armies the Great Man deployed, but it's worked out more or less the same in the figure totals. Hopefully the slight drop in Assyrian cavalry numbers will be balanced by the fact that they have a unit of horse archers instead of the javelin armed lights in the original.

I've also done a bit of fiddling with the "to hit" numbers to reflect the superior Assyrian armour of some of Ashur's troops, and done something similar with the Egyptian chariots to reflect their elite status.

 (S range Chariot and crew. I'm recycling photos a bit at the moment. My daughter took my camera to the High School prom and as yet I haven't been able to locate which of the myriad handbags she has hidden it in. Still, only another 17 to search...)

The Battle of the Apocryphal Well.


Under the command of  Seena-Kadi

Unit                                                      Size       Combat Dice    To Hit

Eshura Heavy Cavalry                        16                6                       15

Zarzi Horse Archers                           16                3                        15

Tutub Heavy Infantry                         40                6                        14

Tarbissa Medium Infantry                  40                5                        13

Akulate heavy archers                         20               4/2*                   13

Hassuna medium archers                    20                4/2*                   13

Repiquum Light javelins (A)              12                2                        12

Nimrud Light Javelins (B)                  12                2                        12

144 foot

32 cavalry


Under the command of Tuckekahmen

Royal Chariot Squadron (A)               4 v                 4                           16

Royal Chariot Squadron (B)               4 v                 4                           16

Ptah Infantry                                       40                  5                            13

Ra Infantry                                          40                  5                            13

Senekht Infantry                                  40                  5                            13

Kushite archers                                    12                   2                            12

Nubian archers                                     12                   2                            12

Ethiopian archers                                 12                   2                            12

Aswan archers                                     12                   2                            12

Malkata slingers                                  12                   2                            12

Lacish javelins                                     12                    2                            12

Amarna javelins                                   12                    2                            12

Foot: 204

Chariots: 8

* When firing bow/When in melee


  1. Yes , I have problems with 20 strong Assyrian cavalry units. Got 1 unit on the painting desk, sidetracked by a unit of Asian phalangites, then got sidetracked from that onto Persian 2 horsed scythed chariots. Plus, making prototypes of Scythian cavalry and infantry based on the 20mm Gallic archer - the helmet paints up quite well as a Scyhian hat and I'm looking on alternative types of gorytus.

  2. Congratulations on managing to squeeze two crewmen into an early S-range chariot cab Harry ! And another use of a slinger for a driver. I appreciate seeing the army compositions and factors that you are using, which should help when contemplating armies other than Indians – when I finally get around to painting them … Looking forward to reading about the resulting game, Nick