Thursday, 5 July 2012

Revenge of the Stove Pipe Musket

Well, that all took rather longer than predicted. BT however cannot be held responsible, having connected my Internet service with a ruthless efficiency that, to be honest, I find distinctly unnerving.
No, the culprits on this occasion came from further afield. On Thursday received an alert from my IP - "Recently you have accessed the Internet from the following locations: Northumberland, Northumberland, Northumberland, Northumberland, Lagos, Northumberland, Northumberland...."
48 Hours later and my computer refused to start. I can only conclude that had the West Africans of yesteryear had been quite as technologically crafty as the current generation, the Ashanti Expedition would have ended in darkness for Sir Garnet.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on successfully relocating your headquarters, Harry ! (it took us two months to get the phone and internet reconnected when we moved …).

    A splendid photo of the old Minifigs Indian cavalry, which really ought to inspire me to pick up a brick again and finish off the ones that I have ‘stalled’ on recently.

    Best wishes in your new barracks,