Saturday, 28 July 2012

Figment Gap

(S range Assyrian slingers go through their warm-ups)

The Scene

Falling back before the victorious forces of King Horemhabib, the army of Assyria have left a rearguard of heaily armoured infantry at that vital pass in the rocky Hills of Bogi,  Figment Gap. Commanded by King Pelmanesar's trusted lieutenant, Sha'ol Shalmaniser, their mission is a simple one: to delay the enemy from sunrise to sunset.

The Pharaoh's army is commanded by the great and victorious Tuckekahmen and comprises some elements he commanded at the Apocryphal Well. His task is to force the pass by nightfall. To win he must get at least one of his close order infantry or two mounted units off the northern table edge via the Figment Gap by the end of the day.

Based on what happened in the previous battle, and the smaller table, a day will last for 12 turns.

Tuckekahmen's inspiring victory has earned him an upgrade to a "two pip" general. He will add two dice to the combat dice of any unit he is attached to, and two to the dice score needed to hit them. He remains as vulnerable to being killed as any other general, however.

Rule Ammendments

From now on skirmishers in melee will battle with just one dice instead of two.
The Longuelade Army Funk Revelator will be used as per description in the post headed "To Paraphrase Napoleon".

(S Range Assyrian heavy infantry with officer. There's supposed to be a standrad bearer too, but neither I nor anybody I know has ever seen one...)
Assyrian Army

Commander: Sha'ol Shalmaniser

Close Order Infantry
(Bite-size units of ten figures)

More heavily armoured than  the Egyptians they have a "to hit" number of 14 and fight with 5 dice

Nimrud Infantry
Margash Infantry
Karkar Infantry
Sippar Infantry

Close Order Missile Troops
(In fives)

All wearing mail armour they have a "to hit" number of 14 and fight with 4 dice when firing and 2 when in melee.

Calah Archers
Arvad Archers
Gozan Slingers
Kish Slingers

(In threes)

To hit score of 12. Battle with two dice when firing, 1 in melee.

Subartu Javelins
Lullubi Javelins

(In fours)

To hit score of 15, fight with six dice.

Arbela Lancers.

( S range Assyrian heavy cavalry screened by javelinmen)
The Egyptians

Commander: Tuckekahmen

Chariot Squadrons
(one vehicle)/ To hit score of 16, battle with four dice when firing, 2 in melee.


Horse Archers of Koth

Very lightly armoured and mounted on small ponies. A to hit score of 12. They battle with 3 dice when firing, 1 in melee.

Close Order Infantry

To hit figure of 13, battle with 5 dice

Senekht Spearmen
Kuk Infantry
Geb Infantry
Bes Infantry
Mut Infantry
Set Infantry

Close Order Archers

To hit figure of 13. battle with 4 dice when firing and 2 in melee

Sobek Archers
Tetnut Archers
Hathor Archers
Anuket Archers


To hit figure of 12. Battle with 2 dice when firing, 1 in melee

Nubian archers
Ethiopian archers
Kush archers
Damot archers
Malkaht slingers

(S range Egyptian infantry bought from John T Tuckey, flanked by Tuckekahmen the great Egyptian commander).