Monday, 7 January 2013

Beastly Hun

More snaps kindly supplied by Rob. These show Minifigs S range one-piece castings (or "Onesies" as we should probably call them nowadays) of a Hun archer and a Byzantine lancer. The Garrison 20mm cavalryman (still available from Garrison, hurry, hurry) is in for scale.


  1. I had the two cavalry marked as Mongols, that's how I'll eventually be using them.

    The Scythian has never been released. Basically, I realised that the Celtic archer could be 'modified'. The first dozen cavalry and 36 infantry are now mostly painted and will soon be entering the ranks - I used it purely because it was there at the time! Probably will make them available for sale when I reopen in March.

  2. Especially the Cataphract is one for me:-)))


  3. Sadly, I doubt that Minifigs will ever reissue it.

    I would love to either have the 'S' Ancients Range, including early ones, reappear, or even get a licence to produce them myself, but can't see it happening.

    Another sad 'won't be seen again' is a fantastic range of Greek and Persian Wars figures that Warrior used to do. Some of their Scythians will be filling the ranks of my own Scythian regiments. Sadly, when I offered to either buy or licence the range I was told that the masters have been melted down, any moulds are in poor condition, and the conversation was ended.

    Some figures we just have to accept are gone for ever.